Reflective Moment ‘Whispers Passed’


Have you ever played the game ‘Pass The Whisper’ or Pass The Story’? That is where a group of people are placed in a line and the first person in line is told a message or story and it passed from person to person down the line. The message is then retold by the last person in the line, generally it is a shadow of the originally told message or story.

The people taking part examine how it change, and what was the original message. Have You ever checked out the original Christian message for yourself, you might be surprised how much God loves you when you understand it for yourself.

Everyone knows God loves them, and God is love, but God also hates, hates sin {wrong doings} that go against everything He created us for.

By Grace alone we are saved. Grace is God’s unmerited favor at Christ Jesus expense.

Sure we need to hear the message, to respond to it, but the message can also be seen in somebody who has understood it, and checked it out for themselves, and are living it under the empowerment of The Holy Spirit.

The Message of how much God love us could have come to us, through passed down stories, but the Message is so Magnificent it is needs to be researched for oneself. We all need to find God in a personal way, because it is a PERSONAL SALVATION that is offered to each of us.

Jesus Christ wants to be Our Lord and Our Friend to us all, individually, and not because we are part of some church or group. We go to church to come together as living stones, because there is strength in unity of a collective group of people, and we can encourage each other.

A wise Pastor Friend once said, after he preached his message, ‘Always take the message and check it out for yourself, through the Word of God {The Bible}’. Too easily we accept what is being preached to us.

The Message of the Gospel is ‘Living Word’, and is not meant to lose any of it’s ‘Living’ when we are sharing it with others.

God Bless.


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