Reflective Moment ‘Don’t Be Afraid’


In The Presence of The Lord there is fullness, of Joy, but somehow sometimes we miss it. Matthew 17 is the story of the Transfiguration.

Three of the disciples were taken up to a mountain, there they were to witness, the transfiguration of The Lord, where He shone like the sun in all His Glory.

Moses and Elijah, appeared with Him. Moses representing the Law, and Elijah The Prophets. Christ Jesus fulfilled The Law, and fulfilled the Prophecies, about Him.

It would have been an amazing place to be fro the three disciples. Peter put his foot in it again, by wanting to build shelters for them all.

Christ Jesus was the Fulfillment of The Law and The Prophecies,  it was only Christ Jesus that was to be ex halted there.  While Peter was speaking a voice from heaven declared V5:

“This is My beloved Son, I take delight in Him, listen to Him”.

V6: The disciples response to this was to  fell down terrified.

Here they were in the presence of The Lord, in all His Glory, and perhaps they had a right to be scared. But The Lord, came up and touch them, and said, “Get up; don’t be afraid. V 7:

Fears put you down, if you don’t know who Jesus really is, we have a right to be frightened about the law, and frightened by prophecy. But Jesus is the Christ, and His word to His disciples was and is, “Get up and don’t be afraid”.

John 3 verse 16: God so loved that He sent His Son. not for us to live in fear of the law and the prophecies, Because Christ Jesus has overcome everything for us. Get up in that knowledge and don’t be afraid.

God Bless.


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