Living by faith. Habakkuk, who was the Eight ‘Minor’ Prophet, in the Old testament Book by His name. Habakkuk urges readers to continue trusting the Lord even when evil overruns the world.

The scripture verse that is well known “The just shall live by Faith” many people might be surprised to know can be found in Habakkuk 2 verse 4.

However, Habakkuk probably had little concept of the impact that, that verse would have. The Apostle Paul uses the same in Galatians 3 verse 11.

The scripture verse in Habakkuk 2 verse 4: came as part of a  taunting song that the prophet was instructed to give to the Babylonians {Hab  2 verse 1 to 6}. The Lord was explaining why the Babylonians would be judged. They were a proud and arrogant people in the sense that they had no fear of Him, but as for the ‘just’ person, a person who remained faithful, they were deserving of His {God’s} approval and blessing. The favor would be found because of the individual ‘Faith’ In God.

This word ‘Faith’ used here,  because it was apart of the Old Testament, was the Hebrew word for ‘Faith’,  “EMUNAH” which means ‘steadfastness’ or ‘faithfulness’

The people who faithfully perused  the covenant by following God’s law were considered  a ‘just’ or righteous person

Psalm 15 i {written by King David}, is called ‘A Description of the Godly, and would be good to read as a separate study.

The whole of the Bible is an example for us to follow, as we seek out the Gems that are hidden for us all to find. In our time of living, the advantage of ‘Living by Faith’ is that we can put into perceptive the troubles of the world around us.

We can have ‘steadfast’ trust that Our Lord and Our Friend remains in control and that His sovereign purposes are being worked out. We should  have no fears that life will be out of control, and most importantly we need not fear death either..

But we should all come to understand the words God {Our Lord and Our Friend} has said;  “The just shall live by faith”.

That is all of us who follow Him in Kingdom Living, we should live by ‘steadfastness’ and ‘faithfulness’

God Bless.

O F J.

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