Freedom, Faith, Conseqences.


John 8 verse 32: Tells us “You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”.

Faith, freedom and consequences, are apart of Kingdom living, but in the world there is a fear of truth. Which leads to an interesting story from scripture, because some of the greatest role models from Scripture at times had a fear of truth.

Luke 22 verses 55 to 57: Peter denies The Lord.

V55: “They lite a fire in the middle of the courtyard and sat down together, and Peter sat among them”.

V56: “when a servant saw him {Peter} sitting in the firelight, and looked closely at him, she said, ‘This man was with Him too’.”

V57: “But he denied it; ‘Woman, I don’t know Him’.”

One of the greatest role models of the New Testament was scared of the truth, but Jesus already knew, and predicted it would happen. Nothing we do, takes Our Lord and Our Friend by surprise, but His Spirit of Truth, The Holy Spirit, is trying to get the message across, freedom through faith brings consequences.

The courts of our lands would be empty, if the truth came out before all trails. But we live in a world of cover-up, and are surprised when things get uncovered.

Governments keep tings from people, in the well considered approach of national security, but years later when freedom of information becomes available, people jump up and down and are horrified they were not told.

Hypocritical, because most people in their lives, have secret they are keeping because they are afraid of the consequences. remember the Great Song/hymn, ‘What A Friend We have In Jesus”, He would already know, but He wants us to talk about it, and He would be with us through any consequence,

We will never in our earthly lifetime, know all about our Wonderful God, but we will find out how truly Awesome He is when we reach our eternal destination. God is not hiding anything from us, because we don’t have the capacity to process all about Him, in our mortal bodies.

But God knows there are times in all our lives, when we tend to hid things, because we fear the consequences, and He always knows the things we are hiding. He is The Most Awesome God, The Most Awesome Friend, anyone can ever have, and we owe it to Him, to at least be open and honest with Him.

Our Freedom has been brought with a price, don’t let the fear of consequences, diminish our relationship with Him.

Go Bless.


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