Reflective Moment ‘Only By Faith’


Reading God’s Word to find understanding, we may find all through The Old Testament, stories that may seem a little hard to people on one side of the story.

Take Abraham for an example: God promised him a son, when He and Sarah his wife were really old.  Abraham and Sarah were not in a place to conceive a son by their own effort, they needed to wait on the promise of God, that they would have a son.

God’s promises can be like that, God tells us something, but we try in our own efforts to pull it off.

God’s promises take faith to believe, because without faith it is impossible to please Him. If Our Lord and Our Friend, says He will do it, we, we must have faith that He will bring about, what He has promised.

Abraham did try in his own efforts to bring about the promise, when he conceived a child with Hagar. Abraham eventually learned that he needed God’s miraculous Hand to conceive a son with Sarah.

in the same way we should not try to attain a righteousness that our abilities can develop. Rather we receive a righteousness provided though the supernatural love, God displayed through the Cross.

Read about Abraham and Sarah and this story in Genesis 18: Read about God Supernatural Love in many scriptures, but we will use; Romans 5 verse 8: “But God proves His Own love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”

God Bless,

O f J.

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