Reflective Moment ‘Serving God’


It is a pleasure to serve Our Great and Awesome God, but there is no point serving Him for the wrong reasons.

Wrong reason to serve:

Serving Him, to be good enough for Him.

Serving him, to get something from Him.

Serving Him, to some how pay Him back.

To serve Him for any of the above reasons, is because we really don’t understand and believe His Salvation is a free gift. God gave out of His Great love for us, we cannot pay Him back through serving Him, and even try to do so is to rob Him of His Glory of loving us and giving us what we really do not deserve,

Serving Him, is our response to the love He loves us all. It is a Joy to serve, because serving out of Love, rules out ‘self’ effort, and rules out any effort for ‘self’ gain.

Live and Love to serve Our Lord and Our Friend with all that is within us.

God Bless.

O F J.

2 responses to “Reflective Moment ‘Serving God’

    • Thank You very much for your kind comments, we will enjoy following you on your blog site. Our intention is let let everybody know what a wonderful Savior, we have and how he wants to be Our Lord Our redeemer and Our Friend hence our name. I am {OFJ} old fellow John and the other part of the ministry is Michael {The Kid} he is not really, and I am old but not that old, but the site is not about us it is about The God we serve. we put up regular guest articles and can see that you love our Lord too. If it can help get you started more, we could use one of your articles on our site, we have been blessed to so far to see 105 different country flags on our post, again it is not about us, it is about Our Lord and Our Friend. God Richest Blessing To you and your family John {The Old Fellow. email me thanks again

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