Faith In Action: A Healing Testimony


Old Fellow John really sets the standards on these Faith In Action articles, and even though I have the great privilege and honor of working with him, I get convicted every time I read them. A weekly article about someone out in the world making a difference spreading the gospel, and loving people. Instead of just living Sunday to Sunday, getting churched up and going back to face the week. He lives everyday of his life outworking the very thing we as Christians should strive to achieve.

And I feel like I personally could be doing more every time I read his Faith in Action articles. Not only are they great stories about what God is doing, but they are a challenge for us to carry out the gospel, and a form of proof that the gospel works.

So this week, equipped with my confidence in God firm and emboldened by OFJ’s faith in action stories, I made the commitment to do and be more for the Kingdom of God. Just as my good friend, and inspiration OFJ would do.

Luckily for me, I had the good chance to put my faith into action. My Cousin’s husband has battled with severe migraines his whole life. The doctors have even said that there isn’t too much that they can do about it, except medicate it and monitor it to make sure it doesn’t turn into anything more sinister. So as it is, he takes a numerous amount of painkillers in a day just to deal with the terrible agony he faced on a daily basis.

Last week I bumped into him around lunch time, and he was talking about going back to the doctor to get his head re checked. I off handedly mentioned that I knew of a quick and easy way for him to overcome that pain. Referring obviously to the healing power of Jesus Christ.

He said, “No, please don’t talk about that God crap.” I said, “No, no. I don’t want to bible bash you, I’m just saying I’m confident that God can and will heal you.” He replied that he didn’t believe in God because too many people he had loved died. I told him that that is understandable, but death is just a fact of life. One no one can avoid, and came about because of our sin nature. That shouldn’t detract from your belief in God. He replied that it did, and he didn’t believe. At all.

I was praying for a long time for the faith to counter unbelief. when he turned to me and said. “Okay. Prove it.”

I said, I have nothing to prove to you, but God likes to show himself to all of us, so that we can enter into a relationship with him.

He just nodded, with a certain amount smugness. He later told me that irregardless of how much pain he was in, He just didn’t believe God could or would heal him. Because if He did, it meant that He existed and that would mean living acknowledging his presence.

A short aside: I honestly think this is why the largest majority of people don’t want to accept God. I just don’t think we as Christians are doing a very good job portraying what living a life as a follower of Christ should be like.

So I laid my hands on his head, and very simply just said, “By the authority of Jesus Christ, whom has been given dominian over all principalities, powers and darkness, whose very stripes healed us, I speak to you migraine, and declare your works, the works of the enemy defeated. Now be gone! In Jesus name amen.”

I took my hands off his head and he looked at me shocked. “There’s literally no pain!” He exclaimed. “I felt tingles all through my body when you were praying for me. But more importantly no pain!” I told him to join me in praising the lord. He was healed! In fact he hasn’t needed a single pain killer in over a week. Now that’s amazing.

He also gave his heart to the Lord after that, and has asked to join us in church.

You see, people are out there waiting to see His glory, to have Him impact their lives. Healing is a part of your repitoire as a Christian, despite what you believe. It along with the authority was delegated to us by Jesus Christ while he walked this earth. Don’t be afraid to step out! Good loves to show himself to his creation!

You know to me the verse that mentions “signs and wonders will follow you” suggests a few things.

  1. For something to follow you, you have to be out in front walking. You have to be doing something!
  2. A sign is something that points the way. A healing points the way to Jesus.
  3. A wonder makes you question. Makes them question what just happened and how it happened.

I’m so happy to say, that because I trusted the word of God, and stepped out in faith, another soul has been saved from an eternity in hell. And that is a good thing! So take courage my friends, there is nothing special about me, and if I can do it, any one can do it.

Be Blessed

– The Kid

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