Faith In Action – Be An Encourager

 If we reflect on our lives, when we are going through disappointments and bad times, we all need encouragement.

So let us all become better encouragers. Here is a little saying we have used before;  “Everybody that lives dies, but not everybody who lives truly lives”.

We have a wonderful opportunity, to really live our life, through encouraging others. We can do this because we know how much God loves, and truly loves us, so we will be able to share that God really loves them as well.

Again here are some Faith In action stories from my taxi driving. {I share with people not because I feel obliged too, but because I love to tell people about Our Lord’s great love for us}

I met Beth coming from the hospital. Beth was diagnosed with Menieres disease {a middle ear infection}, which had caused Beth to lose her balance. Beth had already had one operation for it to no effect. She continued to fall over. Beth told me about the difficulty this made to her life. I asked Beth if she had a faith in God.

“oh yes” she replied, but informed me that due to the disease her church attendance had curtailed. I gave her our ministry card and read Beth the message on the card,  “If it matters to you, It matters to Him.”

Beth was surprised and excited about getting the encouragement. I also told Beth we would pray for her.

I told Beth I looked forward to seeing her again, with  the news being better.  Beth replied “God Bless you, I look forward to meeting you again too.”

Later I was to meet Ray, whose wife Anna was in hospital with a mysterious illness, which had been getting progressively worse for over five years. Anna could now only shuffle along, and spent a lot of time in hospitals. We talked about faith in God. Ray told me he didn’t have one. We talked and I quoted some bible verses, Ray told me he could remember them, and also told me that he once did have faith, but lost it with Anna’s illness.

We shared a while longer, and I told him we would be praying for him and his wife Anna. I gave out our ministry card and told him he could contact us anytime. Ray told me Anna would be happy that somebody was praying for her.  I gave Ray some bible scriptures to reassure him and his wife that God loved them very much. I somehow know that Anna’s illness will turn for the better, as Ray turns once again to his faith In God.

Be an encourager, it doesn’t take much. We have all of eternities backing, and know that the angels in heaven rejoice when somebody comes to accept the Lord.

Be an encourager and take the time to share your faith. What have you got to lose?

God Bless.

O F J.

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