Reason To Celebrate

It has been twelve months since my learned friend The Kid and I {O F J} started the blog side of Two Trees ministries.

The Kid  [in name only] started when I showed him my poems of which we have still only used four.

We both agree the Bible is the most wonderful book anyone can ever read, but it is either the most misread book or the book that most sit on a shelf and is rarely read or somewhere in between.

We just would like people to enjoy reading the Bible, to find all that God has for each of us in His Magnificent Book. To find the goodness of our Creator. To find we have a destiny and purpose in life. But the major reason is to find, just how much The God of the Bible {Our Lord And Our Friend} loves each one of us.

Every book of the Bible of which there is 66 individual books has a message for each one of us, that will help us achieve our potential.

What I have come to learn is that the Bible is like a many faceted diamond, each time you look into it, the more beautiful the Bible becomes to you.

So in twelve months we have posted 200 blogs, about understanding the Bible, understanding Our Creator God, and the awesomeness of Him. We have readers in 30 countries, which is a testimony to Our Lord and Our Friend. I myself and The Kid have learnt so much more for ourselves as we delve into God’s word to find encouraging and helpful items to put on the blog.

We haven’t finished here, we have many exciting things in the pipeline for like we have said in our blogs, For Such A Time As This. Each one of was born for Such A Time As This.

Our Commitment to Our Lord and Our Friend has grown stronger and we hope, we may have helped you too in your journey through life. The greatest joy we can have is to serve Him.

We started with the Poem “Oh what is is to be a Christian, a Christian in love with God.” It is one thing to use the name Christian, it is another thing to commit your life to follow the Most Wonderful Friend we will ever have, the God that created us all.

Our Savior, Our Redeemer, Our Lord and Our Friend. With Him we can have the most exciting life journey anyone can ever find.

God bless you all mightily on your journeys through life.

We will finish with another one of my poems “Breakout”.

Breakout of endless captivity.

Captivity that controls your mind and body.

Captivity that is the love of society,

A Godless captivity that will conquer your soul.

Breakout of constant pressure,

Pressure that destroys the beauty for living.

Pressure that is one man’s price of success,

A Godless pressure that entrenches your will.

Is that life you are leading as meaningful as it should,

Or would you like to make it better?

Then Breakout and walk with a wonderful God.

Breakout and establish a relationship,

It is the greatest decision you will ever make on your own.

God is waiting, God loves, God is calling,


God Bless.


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