Faith In Action – People Who Are Inspiring

This blog part of this ministry is celebrating 12 months, and we have met a lot of wonderful people since we started this arm of our ministry.

One of the most inspiring is our friend Sister Veronica a retired nun. I had the privilege of meeting Sister at the nursing home, my mother is at. Sister Veronica suffered a stroke at an earlier age while she was teaching. Sister Veronica has shared her life story on this blog site earlier this year. Even though Sister went through some very trying times in hospitalization, because of her stroke, Sister Veronica came through, she is now in a motorized wheel chair. This helps Sister go around and visit all the other people in the nursing home. This amazing Sister also has a ministry which by her computer encourages people all over the world as well as paper based letter ministry.

Sister Veronica is one of the wonderful people that many have not had a privilege of meeting, she personifies her Faith and her God {Her Lord and Her Friend, Christ Jesus}.

So as we celebrate over 12 months of blogs for the Lord, we want to encourage all of us, it is never to late, you are never to old, even though you might be retired.

Sister Veronica has been Faith in Action all her life, and even a debilitating stroke could not stop or hold this wonderful lady, from continuing her journey through life as an example for Her Faith in Action.

We know there are many more people like Sister out there and we pray for them to continue living their faith as well.

It is such a pleasure to know and reflect, on these such genuine people of faith, but Faith in Action is something for us all.

God Bless.


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