Faith In Action – Working For A Higher Authority

In my driving a taxi, I drive at night. Now that it is coming into summer where I work, the days are becoming longer, and it’s not unusual for me to drive from daylight through the darkness of night, to daylight in the morning hours.

There is an irony there somewhere. I am a vessel for Our Lord and Our friend and I am always working through darkness. Some people say to me, they couldn’t do what I do, but I tell them I only drive a car where people of all differences hop in and pay me to take them places.

People also ask me if I’m scared about working those hours. My response is no because I consider my business, His business. This is what Our lord has me doing at this point in time.

We are all ambassadors in this world, we must do what we can to pay our way through it. God is All Mighty, and All Knowing and Ever Present {Ever present, love that term}, but we need to work and be a wise steward of what we earn.

So I just want to encourage you what ever you are doing do it to the best of your ability, because God is our overall, overseer boss employer that one day we will all answer to.

It is a pleasure to serve Him in what ever we do, some jobs we might not be able to witness or even reflect we are His followers, but we should always do our best.

God has given His best for us. I just believe we need to encourage somebody out there, who is feeling demeaned at what they are currently doing and reassure them that Nothing we ever do for the Lord or in His Name is pointless.

Our Lord has a Master Strategy, and He has put you in the right place for this hour of time, because we were all born for Such A Time as This.

God Bless.O F J .

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