What Do You Think? – Our Talking God

It’s well known and established that our God is a living God. He loves nothing more than delighting in His creation; walking with us, protecting us, caring for us, laughing, crying and rejoicing with us. There is nothing that He doesn’t like to do with us. But his most favorite of all, I believe, is talking with us.

All throughout history the bible shows us how he has spoken to his children, from the prophets to his son, to us his children. Yet, I feel our generation has dropped the ball a little.

SO… my question today is…

DOES GOD TALK TO YOU? and if so HOW? Does he do it through His word, through others, through audible voice, through his spirit, or through another means? There are no right and wrong answers, only answers!

We’re keen to hear your replies and discuss this further, so answer away!

-The Kid.

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