Wonderful Account From ‘Philemon’

The book of Philemon a story of reconciliation.

In the first century, in the city of Colosse in Minor Asia, there lived a well to do man named Philemon, a family man with slaves and a house that served as a regular meeting place of a church.

Paul met Philemon on one of his missionary journeys and discipled him when he became a Christian. Philemon even owed his very life to Paul, a fact that Paul reminded him in verse 19.

Philemon had a useless and troublesome slave named Onesimus. Onesimus had run away from Philemon having stolen from him {V18} for that, he could have been put to death.

Paul meets Onesimus in jail where Paul was imprisoned. Onesimus converts to Christ Jesus through Paul,s witnessing. Paul seek a reconciliation between Onesimus {slave} and Philemon {master}. Forgiveness is never easy. It is doubly hard when there is a culture barrier to clear. Attitude takes longer to change then laws.

Paul’s great gospel theme is reconciliation between God and people, resulting in a new humanity united in Christ Jesus. Paul approaches Philemon sensitively, with humor {V 11} is a play on Onesimus name which means {useful} implying that Paul could use the slave in ministry. Philemon should be able to receive him back.

This is a short personal letter that challenges us to forgive, without reservation, and to rebuild damaged relationships. We are one in Christ Jesus, and we are to live out that truth as a demonstration of the Gospel {The Good News in Christ Jesus}

The Son of God Himself calls us His brothers and sisters. And if the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth is willing to become our brother in Jesus Christ, then surely we must be willing to regard each other as a brother and sister as well. This is even when doing so goes against everything our culture has insisted upon.

A runaway slave from Colosse by the name of Onesimus. experienced the forgiveness and Grace of a loving God. So it doesn’t matter, what anyone of us has done, as long as we come before Him with a repentant heart, our lives will be transformed too.

God Bless


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