People Of Faith – Thomas



Thomas’ name means twin. Thomas is probably noted for a difficult quality ‘doubting’, but Thomas often worried. When Jesus went to Bethany, Thomas told the other disciples, they should go to.

John 11 verse 16 }Message bible}: “That’s when Thomas, the one called the twin, said to his companions, “Come along, we might as well die with him.”

Thomas the doubter – When the other Apostles said ‘Jesus was raised from the dead. Thomas did not believe it, Jesus had ask him to touch His wounds before, Thomas believe He was alive.

Thomas had strengths, he was one of the twelve Apostles.. Thomas strengths were also he was intense in both doubt and belief. Thomas was a loyal and honest man.

But like all of us Thomas had weaknesses.

Thomas along with the other disciples, abandoned Jesus, when the going got tough, at Jesus’ arrest.

Thomas refused to believe until he had proof.

Thomas struggled with a pessimistic outlook.

The things we learn from Thomas’s life are:  Our Lord and Our Friend, does not reject doubts that are honest and directed towards belief. And it is always better to doubt out loud, then to disbelieve  in silence.

The Moral from Thomas life is: that all followers of Jesus have weaknesses, but it we are to ask Him for help, Our Lord and Our Friend is only to willing to help, so that our weaknesses can lead to strengths.

Thomas’s story is told in the Gospels and he is also mentioned in Acts 1 verse 13.

Thomas will always be remembered by John 20 verse 27 to 28.

Let us all make Thomas’s transforming statement in verse 28, be ours as well, “My Lord, My God” and He will also become Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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