Reflective Thought ‘Pride’


Pride: Perhaps it can be said there is good and bad Pride.

Firstly there is the meaning; A feeling of pleasure or satisfaction, due to something one has done well.

Secondly it can mean: Conceit   or an exaggerated opinion of oneself, arrogance.

We talked about The Pharisee and the Tax collector, in Luke 18 verses 9 to 14. The Pharisee was guilty of the second concept of ‘pride’, where as the Tax collector had no pride at all, and if anything showed humility.

We can never get away form the fact, we are all sinners saved by Grace. .None of us can make God love us more, than what He already does.

He can be proud of us individually, Job 1 verse 8: “Have you considered My servant Job”., but that doesn’t make Him love us more than anyone else.

Our testimony should never be about us, it is always all about Our Lord and Our Friend. We are kingdom people, and he is our King.

An old saying, ‘self praise is no recommendation’, seems to be lost in the world where people who promote themselves, are considered more, than a person who operates out of humility.

We have nothing to prove to anyone, God loves us the way we are, but He loves us to much to leave us that way.

He knows the potential each one of has,{Jeremiah 29 verse 11}  when we are unburdened and redeemed from the curse of sin

Sometime it is good to be proud of our achievements, but if that pride takes over our lives, it becomes a sin, against the God that loves us so much.

Pride can be good, but Humility is a fruit of the Spirit, which needs to grow more in our lives.

God Bless.

O F J.

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