Insights o ‘Philemon’


Philemon a small book between Titus and Hebrews in the New Testament. Might be small but packs a great message.

Philemon is a friend of Paul, who leads a house church in Colossae. Paul urges Philemon to show grace to Onesimus, his runaway slave.

While in prison, Paul meets Onesimus who is one of Philemon’s slave who has run away. Onesimus comes to know Jesus and serves Paul well while Apul was in chains. But it is not right for Paul to be benefiting from Onesimus without Philemon’s knowledge.

So Paul writes to Philemon asking him to do something incredible, when he returns home. Under Roman law, a slave who runs away from his master could be put to death. So in this incredible letter Paul writes to Philemon, he asks to put all of Onesius’s debts on Paul’s ledger and that Onesimus back without punishment. Even more Paul asks Philemon, would he consider freeing Onesimus altogether.

Paul pours out his love for his new brother in Christ by saying in Philemon verse 12: “I am sending him–apart of myself back to you.”

Tychicus accompanies Onesimus on the journey back. and they also take Paul’s message to the Colossians {Colossians 4 verse 7 to 9}.

God’s love is indeed powerful. That Paul a former Jewish Pharise who in passed times would not have assoicated with a non-jew, would call Onesimus, a former Gentile and current salve his own ‘son’ {Verse 10}, is astonishing.

The old has passed away and God’s awesome love has done something truly new. Like Onesimus, We too were salves facing a death sentence because of our debts to our own master. But our master forgave us because of the innocent Son of God stepped in and took on our debts Himself.

This is a beautiful and powerful story and real life picture of God’s great love for us all.

God Bless.


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