psalm 27


When relationships break down, we must trust the Lord for his timing for reconciliation and rest in his refuge. Take time to re-evaluate the situation and to listen for his wisdom. Ask yourself about your role spiritually, humanly, worldly and seek within his compassion for answers. In prayer, be guided. Have you been over critical – have you ‘heard’ in judgement? Have you reached out in love and encouragement based on faith? Have you given unwanted advice? Have you said to others, ‘You need more faith”?

Instead of lecturing them to believe with more faith, are you comforting them, supporting them? When going through hard, sorrowing times with faith does not mean you have feelings of failure or blaming yourselves, have lack of confidence or shame necessarily. Nor does hiding behind pretend faces with smiles. Spiritual pretenses hurt our Jesus, he wants you to be real. The Bible says He is our refuge and that means ALWAYS; that he is there as your relationship is at risk and needing repairing with his candle of love, forever. We are not super strong, just children learning to grow which takes time.

Share your spiritual doubts; share your concerns as so tenderly does God hear you. More than that he sends others in need to share and who offer comfort alongside, who have/are experiencing similar troubles to expand the refuge place.

God calls to his relationship refugees and restores with love, justice and infinite mercy. Hang in there! His followers are precious to his heart. When we are hurting and vulnerable we can shelter within his refuge of acceptance.

Psalm 7/8 – ‘I will take your judgement O Lord, according to my RIGHTEOUSNESS, according to my INTEGRITY; you who search minds and hearts and are my refuge.’

From a Relationship Refugee


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