Symbolism Pointing To Christ

The Tabernacle

Symbolism that [point to Jesus

Brazen Alter for sacrifice ———– Christ’s sacrifice    

Brazen Laver for washing————-Cleansing through confession

Lamp stand———————————Enlighten by The Holy Spirit

Table of show bread———————Fed by the Living Word

Alter of Incense—————————-Prayer, Communication, and intercession

Today’s believers are God’s dwelling place—-God’s Holy Presence among us

As believers we are a part of a priesthood

Prophets understanding what God is says and sharing it to others, showing His love. {Using words where necessary}

The Tabernacle Exodus 25 to 40 -Hebrews 9 to 13

The Tabernacle was movable “Tent of Meeting” God wanted to dwell among His people. God wanted to have fellowship with them and able to communicate with them.

Studying the tabernacle, we understand the steps the lord laid out for a sinful people to approach a Holy God.

God required the people to offer a sacrifice for their sins.

Only the finest animal —a perfect one—was good enough God asked for a perfect flawless sacrifice

The animal represented an undeserving recipient of a deserved punishment.

God wanted people to trust in His provision, so He asked that the sacrifice be valuable.

Bronze laver was polished and shiny, the priest washed themselves thoroughly and to remind them God sees past the outward appearances straight to the heart.

Romans 8 Verse 1 We are in Christ enveloped in him

We have entered in through the curtain that was torn down the middle when Jesus the perfect sacrifice died for the imperfect.

We do not come in and out It is in Christ we live Acts 17 verse 28

Things might go on around us, but we always have access to the Throne of Grace

God Bless


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