Who Touched Me


Mark 5 verse 30: “At once, Jesus realized in Himself that power had gone from Him. He turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched My robes?”

Story of a woman who had suffered from a bleeding illness for 12 years and had endured much under many doctors.

What would do, well the lady heard about Jesus.Jesus was passing near by, but there where big crowd around Him. Did she let the big crowds stop her from getting to Jesus?

She had a problem she knew could fix, and nothing was going to stop her from getting to and touching in on Jesus, and she did just that.

Instantly she felt better, and she probably though well who will know that I touched, Him there so many people around Him. But Jesus said, “Who touched My robes?’

Jesus disciples must have though Jesus was crazy, why did He ask who touched Him there ares so many people around Him. Jesus knew someone with faith to believe touched Him, because He felt power had gone out of Him.

The woman owned up, the second big step she took, probably thinking what will Jesus say to her now. V 33 “Then the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came with fear and trembling, fell down before Him, and told Him the whole truth”.

Jesus’ response, V 34: “Daughter”, He said to her. “your faith has made you well go in peace and be free, from your affliction’.

What is stopping us, with any of the problems we may have, from pressing into Jesus. Is it the crowd of doubts and fear we may have? Is it the crowd of insecurity, what will people think? Is it the crowd in your thoughts nothing will happen?

What have we got to lose nothing, but we have so much to gain, when we press in and touch Jesus.

This New Year, determine in ourselves to press in to touch more of Jesus, so He can transform our lives even more.

God Bless



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