Insights Into Deuteronomy


In a series of farewell message, Moses encourages the new generation of people to live as God’s obedient people in the promise land.

At the start of the New year let this be an encouragement to us all, to live a life, that upholds all Our Lord and Friend has done for us.

The time of forty years had passed since 10 of the 12 spies and the rest of God’s people decided that He was not worthy of their trust.

The new generation is now about to enter the promised land, but the land will need to be fought for with a complete trust in God. Moses knows he will not people with the people for much longer, and Moses was a man who had countless face to face to face meetings with God. So Moses is imploring the people to walk with their king.

Deuteronomy is Moses’ last sermons and teachings, and he delivers them to the people he has faithfully led, while he is standing on the edge of the promised land.

Stirring words, he uses to emphasis to ‘Walk with God’ Stirring for them and for us.

When God brings you to the land of plenty, drives out your your enemies and blesses you, don’t forget Him. It is a covenant relationship you have with Him be faithful and He will bless you.”

Moses reviews the commandments with this new generation, and he implores them to follow all of God’s instructions because they are the ways to life, life of blessing.

Moses spell out the benefits of walking in goodness, but goes into horrific detail of what will happen if the people habitually turn from God and follow other ways

Moses teaches the people God’s song to help them remember him. God wants this song to be on their hearts when they forget him in their lives. After leading Moses to the top of a mountain, God gives him a visual tour of all the promise land. There Moses dies and God buries His friend Himself.. Moses who knew and trusted in Him and all His goodness.

God Bless


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