Something Special From ‘Book Of Acts’


A verse from the Book of Acts, where Peter and John when addressing the Sanhedrin {Church leader of the day}.

Acts 4 verse 12 {Message Bible}.

“Salvation comes no other way, no other name has been or will be given to us by which we can be saved, only this one.”

Peter and John were declaring with great boldness. If we look at the word bold used here it’s  literal translation means. “to be uninhibited, fully exercising the freedom to speak out.” It is a kind of boldness of a child in a crowd, where they say what they think.  { An example to this would be from the Story of The King with New clothes, a little child in that story yelled out the king has nothing on. The king had been conned to believe he had wonderful clothes on.}

Peter and John had a real boldness to proclaim a message that to many people in the world have been conned not to believe. This great boldness that Peter and John had came about after the death and resurrection Of Jesus, it was a promise by Jesus that the Holy spirit would come and give the boldness to all who accept.

As Christian we should participate is this kind of boldness. we must be bold in admitting who we are, people who fall short of God’s Glory, but God still loves us and use us. If we fail to acknowledge that we ourselves are sinners saved by Grace, we become self-righteous, arrogant and unbearable to all those outside the family of faith.

Because of the Grace that has been bestowed on, we must be bold in proclaiming the mighty acts of God, namely that God raised Jesus from the dead. It is for that we exist, to tell a world that is already full of doubt, skepticism, hopelessness, sorrow and death that God is the Creator and Redeemer.

God loves His creation and will Redeem and restore them to full fellowship with Him. This is the love we have and to proclaim this, perhaps we need more than ordinary boldness.

Behold and Proclaim today the GOOD NEWS that we have in and through Christ Jesus  {Our Lord and Our Friend}.

God Bless .
O F J.

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