Faith In Action ‘Heed The Calling’

At a point in time, I am just writing my thoughts on how God uses us. It has been about 11 years now since I started writing online and I clearly remember after writing 15 articles talking to Michael aka The Kid and asking him what I can write on next. Michael was very reassuring that with God’s help I could write many more.

We challenged ourselves to put up an article Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday. We have since added Saturday with a guest article and a Sunday encouragement with a repeat article we would put up on Saturdays, so we also had a day off from writing but not from encouraging.

We, like everybody in service for Our Lord and Our Friend, serve an amazing and great God. Our website is a testimony to His goodness. We receive prayer request which we pray over before we send a reply from all over, as well as encouraging comments.

It is a wonderful way we can update our knowledge and learn more about this wonderful God we serve, by studying His wonderful Word.

My youngest son now in His 30s preached in Church last weekend [so honored and humbling that now my son is serving more and more}, He spoke on God’s calling in the story of Samuel. God called out to Samuel 3 times before he responded. 1 Samuel 3.

God is calling each one of us to a future He has for us all. Jeremiah 29 Verse 11.

It is a future with a hope and not a future of ruin. God wants us all to know this personally and have a relationship with Him so we can grow and be nurtured by Him in our calling.

If there is somebody reading this and believe Our Lord and Our Friend is calling them, be enthusiastic to say speak Lord your servant is listening.

God Bless


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