Confidence In God

Confidence In God.

Have you ever wondered how it is over time many people, both men and women have stood for Our Lord and Our Friend in the most unenviable circumstances?

Our Lord and Our Friend wants us to know Him as a Friend as well as Our Awesome Creator.

Love reading Romans: Romans 4 verses 13 to 25: The Promise Granted through Faith.

It not there as a story it there to dare to belief and watch what Our Lord and Friend can do through our lives.

Romans 5 Verse 1 to 5: Faith Triumphs:

Really dare to believe, Our Lord and Our Friend has made away for us

Romans 6 verse 1 to 14: The New Life in Christ.

Dare to believe and start living it more and more.

Romans 6 verses 15 to 23: From slaves of sin to slaves of righteousness.

No person can have two masters, and I know Our Lord and Our Friend is the best one to serve.

Romans 8 Verse 1 to 11; The Life-Giving Spirit:

Live, live, live with The Holy Spirit as our comforter and mentor.

Just read romans so much more, to encourage us through any circumstances in life.

We believe that is some of the great understanding our predecessors found to get them through their circumstances in life.

God Bless,


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