His Banner Over Me Is Love

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing, He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me to quiet waters and He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for His name’s sake. Psalm 23:1 -3

My friends told me about a woman whose husband was dying, I listened to them as they shared her situation, but nothing engaged me or stirred my curiosity about her. I do recall thinking I had known a girl with a similar name. “See the former things have taken place, a new thing I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you: Isaiah 42:9

A few months later I attended a conference in another state, there in the large room I heard a voice calling my name. I turned and there she was, yes you guessed it, the girl from my past. We exchanged pleasantries and promised to stay in contact before re-joining our own groups. My friends were all excited, and very curious as to how I knew her. My old friend was the person they had been telling me about.

In the meantime, my life took a turn I could never have thought possible. I no longer wanted to attend the church I had been part of since my very first encounter with Jesus. New people had become part of the church and I no longer felt that I belonged in that church community. I did try to hang in, but eventually it was just too painful, I left that fellowship. Finding another spiritual home seemed an impossible task. Bit by bit I struggled to hear from the Lord, even though I knew He was with me. I had a good Christian network to fellowship with, however, my grief over losing my church grew louder and louder. I was very confused and found it difficult to understand why it had happened.

My steps had been ordered by the Lord prior to calamity changing my life. I was not surprised that a new person had been placed in my life to walk the walk Jesus already had planned for me. Even though my friend lived in another state we managed to reconnect as if time had never separated us. When we would see each other, we would support each other and pour out our hearts regarding the pain of our personal loss. She was fantastic, she saw my worth and was always there to encourage me. Because her husband had died, she also noticed her life was changing. No longer being included in regular activities that had been part of their fellowship group. She too was on a different and unfamiliar path.

We both dealt with our grief/loss differently, but the one common denominator we shared was knowing God had a plan for both of our lives. To me she is what I call a real blessing, and even though our re connection was just for a season my gratitude is eternal.

The jewel of this experience was in knowing that God knows exactly what your future holds. He hears us even when we don’t have the capacity to receive an answer. He will order your steps to make sure you are always aware you are loved and included in His family. He is a good, good father and we can rest in knowing God is always with us. He is the good shepherd.

Love and Blessings.


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