Faith In Action ‘Distinguishable’

Distinguishable, Christianity is more than just a religion. It is a relationship between God and humanity. All relationships grow through communication. I recently got married again to a incredibly wonderful lady. We both realize that communication with each other is vital, not to us loving each other so the love we have for each other can grow and grow and always remain fresh. So is our relationship Our God, Our Lord, and Our Friend, we can call it prayer, but prayer is just communication, with God, that also needs us to listen sometimes to what He is saying to us.

The Better the communication, the better the relationship will be. Communication is a two-way process involving both talking and listening. God talks to us in many ways but primarily through His Word. We can talk with Him through Prayer and worship. We listen to Him as we read His Word. He listens to us when we pray and worship. God responds to our prayers and worship with actions.

The fact that we can call God our ‘Father” when we are praying is nothing short of amazing. The Old Testament taught that God was a Father to His people {Deuteronomy 32 V6; Isaiah 63 V16; Malachi 2 V10}, but before Jesus virtually no-one addressed God as their Father when they prayed.

Jesus brings us into a new level of relationship with God. Through Jesus, God adopts us and becomes our Father.

Christianity, I prefer to be called a follower of Jesus, is a daily relationship with a God That loves us, and not a performance ritual to try to be good enough for God, because He loves just the way we are, and He loves us to much to leave us just as we are, because He has real destiny for our lives.

God Bless


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