From The Heart

A Cracked Pot

I was speaking to my husband today and talking about how I want to know “what makes my heart sing – ie what brings me joy – what is my passion that makes getting out of bed each day something I look forward to?”.

With the current events in the world today, no matter where we are living, we are impacted in some way. Even the change in seasons – too hot, too cold – aging, loss of jobs or family connections – all add to our daily challenges we face. Some even face the daily challenge of having food or shelter.

I was talking about having balance in my life – am I giving too much time to one area and so neglecting another? which seemingly was robbing my joy and energy.

Then the story of the cracked pot came into our conversation. If you don’t know it- it’s the story of a water bearer in India who carries two pots of water from the river daily to her mistress’s house. One of the pots is sound and delivers a full pot of water; while the other pot has cracks in it and only delivers one half pot of water daily.

The cracked pot apologizes to the water bearer because she feels a failure, not doing a ‘proper job’ because of her flaws. The water bearer says ‘I know about your flaw and I took advantage of it, and I planted flower seeds on your side of the path. Did you see all the beautiful flowers blooming along the path on your side? Without you being just the way you are, my mistress would not have had these beautiful flowers to grace her table.’

We remember the Apostle Paul had a ‘thorn in the flesh’ and whilst we don’t know what that was, when he asked the Lord to take it away – the Lord replied, “My Grace is sufficient for you – because My power is perfected in your weakness”.

So during this strange season worldwide, if you, like me are feeling that there must be more – and yet you don’t know how to achieve more – let’s be encouraged by the story of the cracked pot; and rest in knowing “His Grace is sufficient – and His power is being perfected in our weakness”.

May His Grace abound in your life.


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