Not Just A Bible Character “Mary Magdalene”

We know little about this woman other than that her name indicates she was from Magdala in Galilee. Jesus cast seven demons out of her. {Luke 8 verse 2}.

Mary  Magdalene was so grateful she followed Jesus throughout His ministry. She was at the foot of the cross when all the male disciples had fled {John 19 verse 25}.

Mary Magdalene observed Jesus’ burial {Mark 15 verse 47}, and witnessed the events surrounding the resurrection {Mark 16 verse 1} She was with the other women that went to the tomb {Luke 24 verse 10}.

In The Gospel of John, it was said that she was the first among these women to discover the empty tomb, the first to report to the disciples, and the first to see the Risen Christ, as she lingered at the tomb after the others had left {John 20 verse 1 to 18} This faithful disciple, however, was not allowed to touch the Lord {v17}

Mary Magdalene had received something special from the Lord, He cleaned up her life, releasing her from the demons that had been plaguing her. She became a faithful follower of The Lord. Her faithfulness gave her great appreciation of what The Lord did in her life. She was at the foot of the cross, when the apostle had fled. the love she had found and been given by the Lord, overcame any fear she may have had to be there.

Mary Magdalene knew she had found her Savior, and She follower Him to the end, and was there at the resurrection. She understood what it was to have new life.

Mary Magdalene is an example to us all, because it doesn’t matter what is in our past, to be truly touch By Our Lord  and Our Friend, give us all a new life, a new purpose and a new destiny.

We can also learn from Mary Magdalene true faithfulness, in following The Christ, who also wants to be Our Lord, Our Redeemer, Our Savior and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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