Weekend Inspiration

We are blessed today to have our devotional written by Pastor Farman who is our great friend in Pakistan. Enjoy his message and he would be only to please for you to contact him about a great work he is doing in that country.

We are called to walk by faith! Not by what we can see, not by what we can feel, but by faith!

Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” our focus needs to be on God’s vision for our lives.

Our hope must be in Jesus, and our assurance must come from what He says. When we can get that, we will walk by faith! Many times many problems come even when we are serving for the body of Christ we are facing many hurdle and barriers but we must have to be strong and walk with Christ everyday..

The promises of God are always with us he will never leave his love is true.. Dear brother and sister we are living in end times and around us so much things that we have to be aware from them and keep strong in faith and keep strong relationship with God,

We are waiting for event that our Lord Jesus Christ will come we are preparing our lives for that event and that event can happen anytime or any day we must have to be strong relationship with God.

Regards Pastor Farman

Bethnay Church Pakistan.

Dear brothers and sisters people that given lives to Jesus Christ please keep in your prayers that they will keep their lives in Jesus Christ and also God will provide finance that we can distribute Bibles among people.at Bethnay Church/

Last Sunday service big congregation and people attended Sunday service outside church due to full of church hall.. Dear brothers and sisters we are praying to God for help for church construction..

Contact Details are:

kamranpastor19@yahoo.com bethnaychurchlda@yahoo.com


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