Everyday People Of Interest From The Bible


Jesse was a shepherd from Bethlehem, that interesting people may say, but reference to Jesse can be found in Messianic references in Isaiah 11 v 1 and 11 v 10:

When you read about Jesse, he was the son of Obed and grandson of Ruth and Boaz. Jesse had 8 sons and 2 daughters, that is interesting people may say again, but Jesse was the father of King David.

Samuel went to Jesse’s house to search for and anoint a king, Jesse a shepherd!!!, one of his offspring was to be anointed king. Like any proud father, he brought all his boys before Samuel, but at first Jesse did not feel it worthwhile to call for David to come. {1 Samuel 16 v 11}.

No doubt no other family in Bethlehem could boast having the number of sons for Samuel to cast his eye over, to find a king. Samuel looked over seven of Jesse’s sons, thinking that the whole family was present, but David was not present.

Here were 7 sons of Jesse standing before Samuel, men of strength and statue, yet none of them were Gods’ chosen king. Jesse called for his youngest son David, Samuel may have been able to look at the faces and forms, of seven of Jesse’s sons, but the Lord examined their hearts. God alone can search the human heart and know a person’s true character and motives.

It was Jesse’s youngest son David, who was anointed king. When King Saul, became jealous of David, Saul would commonly speak of David derisively as ‘the son of Jesse’ to underscore his humble origins.

Jesse may have had a humble station in life, but he had a big legacy, with his youngest son anointed king, and Jesse himself getting mentioned in messianic references.

Humility is often called bridal strength, Jesse must have had a lot. So what we can take from Jesse’s life, no matter what our station in life, if God is looking for something, he  doesn’t care what we do or don’t have in the natural, because he is looking at our heart.

It was Jesse’s son David that said in Psalm 51 verse 10:

“God create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit in me”.

Jesse might not have got much recognition as a shepherd his day to day work, but he left a big legacy.

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