Faith In Action ‘Being Distinctively Salted’


All the evidence of God’s Grace, Forgiveness, Mercy and Patience in our lives, is not illustrated by how good we are, but by how much progress we are making at doing better, than we have achieved in the past.

We are called to be the salt of the earth. Matthew 5 verse 13:

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should lose it’s taste, how can it be made salty? It’s no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled on by men”.

We have just finished writing on, we need to be contagious, but lets add we need to be distinctive.

1 Peter 1 verse 13 to 16:

V13’Therefore, get your minds ready for action, being self-disciplined, and set your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ”.

V14: “As obedient children, do not be conformed to desires of your former ignorance”

V 15 “but, as the One who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in all your conduct”.

V16: “for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy”.

We are not to be settled in the cultures of this world, we are to remain true to the cultures of The Kingdom of God. Christ Jesus is our king, The god of this world by deception is Satan, and he opposes everything that the culture of The Kingdom of God would have for our lives.

1 Peter 2 verse 11: “Dear friends, I urge you as aliens and temporary residents to abstain from fleshly desires that war against you”.

Strangers and Aliens, how much more distinctive can we be. When we accept Christ Jesus for Who he really is, we become Sanctified. Sanctification means to be set apart, made holy.

God has set us apart, so that though our lives as His Hands and His Feet, there will be a place on earth where the goodness of His Kingdom can be seen .

We are to be the Salt of the earth. We are to be distinctive from the world. We are to be Living stones and a Holy People. 1 Peter 2 verse 5:

“You yourselves, as living stones, are being built a spiritual house”.

We are chosen from the world by the Father, sanctified for the world by The Holy Spirit and called to our new purposeful life of obedience,in Christ Jesus, by His death and resurrection on the cross.

This surely is a calling to be Distinctive, from anything the world has to offer.

God Bless.

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