Faith In Action Grasp And Comprehend

Grasp and comprehend

Mathew 13 Verse 19: Amplified Bible “While anyone is hearing the Word of the kingdom and does not Grasp and Comprehend it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in the heart. This is what was sown along the roadside.”

We can read and comprehend and in some translations the word is ‘understands’, but there is more than understanding involved. Grasp doesn’t just mean form an understanding but also grasp that understanding. Take hold of it, and let it be apart of all you do.

Grasp as a verb means: Seize and hold firmly.

Grasp as a noun means: firm hold or Grip.

Seize and hold firmly

Jeremiah 29 Verse 11 The Lord tells us He has plans for our good and not for ruin.

Psalm 91: tells us that those that dwell ‘In Him’, shall remain stable and under the shadow of the Almighty’

Romans 8 verse 1:” Therefore no condemnation exists for those in Christ Jesus’.

Read and comprehend; they are only a few examples of the Goodness and Grace of The Word, to have as more than understanding but to seize and hold firmly as truth for our lives.

Reading the Word, it is a great read and we can take more and more out of it every time we read, but we really need to Grasp it as Grasp as a noun as well. Take hold and grip as living Word for our lives.

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