Dealing With Difficulties ‘In Life’


Sometimes it is good, just to take some time out and reflect on what is happening in our lives. In Leviticus, Aaron had reason to do some serious thinking. He realized that the misbehavior of his sons raised serious questions about his fitness for ministry. {Lev 10 verse 19}.

Aaron provides an instructive lesson in the real and painful fact that good people have weaknesses, shortcomings, like all of us. The scriptures show that Aaron struggled with some major problems that led to serious problems on several occasions.

Exodus chapter 32: Even though Aaron was aware of God’s jealous love and holiness, he gave into the people and led them into idolatry. To compound his problem, he avoided taking responsibility for this disgraceful lapse of leadership.

Numbers 12 verse 1 to 16: Aaron joined his sister, Miriam, in speaking against Moses, because of Moses’ possible marriage to an Ethiopian lady.

Leviticus 10 verses 1 to 3: There were back to back incidents, involving all four of his sons, raised serious questions about his family leadership.

The biggest problem in life is: No one can completely avoid failure and sin {Commit wrong-doings}. God does not make us His children on the basis of our ability not to sin, but on Christ Jesus ability to deal with it.

Here is the most interesting fact of all, about the subject of problems. Everyone of the ‘greats’ in the Bible fell short of God’s Holiness. Yet they could find forgiveness and restoration through repentance.

Problems in life, Aaron makes a good example of our human weaknesses ,but also makes a good example of a person who is trying to serve God, who found favor with The Lord through serious reflection, repentance and recovery.

Which leads us to finish with an Old Children’s Church song; “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there is nothing My God can not do for you”.

Problems, no problem in our lives, is to big for Our Lord and Our Friend. Trust Him and see.

God Bless


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