Weekend Inspiration


It is when with weary arms you can still hug a child

to wipe away the tears with love,

it is when you feed a hungry teenager food wrapped in love

but who also needs comfort the hurt within.

It is when you give a homeless person some of your pension

or a bed for one night and go with them to get more help,

you feel and share the light of his love.

It is when you hold tight a loved one who has lost all hope,

then assist with all that they need from your heart as

you share the sorrow and helplessness you shed a tear.

Perhaps you just hold the hand of a friend in agony of losing

ones they deeply loved or is dying sometime soon.

It is the touch of a hand or a loving hug, or a bed for a night

with nothing said and just a hug or a listening ear to hear.

There, in your heart as you pray you share God’s life bread

in every way for God’s bread of life is there to share, blessed

anointing you will receive from eating from God’s bread of love.

So much need Lord, so much grief, so much loss and emptiness

poured out on many souls seeking God’s bread and breath of

all life as he seeks to restore, to heal and grow from HIS life crumbs,

as we absorb the yeast of God’s eternal bread forever in love.

His love, his bread of life are offered so freely while he touches

your hearts to teach and be set free as he intended life to be.

Wherever he leads you, hold his hand close in your spirit and

heart of flowing love without rebuke, just acceptance of us with care.

Just follow him and swallow much of his bread of light and love

and share with his hurting souls, the gift of pure love in trust, truth and praise the remaining length of ordained and all the precious jewels of his presence.

Be Blessed


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