Stand For What Is Right

galatinas 6v9

When we look at the story of Daniel. Daniel and his friends made up their minds to stand for God’s values. Daniel Chapter 1:

They were exiles in Babylon, maybe could be considered Ambassadors of God’s purposes.

Daniel and his friends declined to eat the specially prepared food provided by the government.

The stand they took is not explained in scripture. The food any have been offered to idols or blessed by pagans priests , making it ritually unclean and thus a compromise of their faith.

They were in King Nebuchadnezzar place, maybe they considered eating the food was pledging allegiance, to their captors or a little indulgent, when so many of their countrymen had little to eat.

What was important to them, was eating the King’s food would result in defiling themselves, so they took a stand. They just refuge to go along, with what many would have accepted.

Courage to do what is right, even when what is on offering seems good, Daniel and his friends committed their hearts to doing what they should do and not do.Determination to carry out what they believed to be right.

When and if we face the same decisions, Our Lord and Our Friend said He would not leave us of forsake us Hebrews 13 verse 5.

The cost of losing our conviction and integrity is greater tan whatever it costs to keep it, To follow Our Lord and Our Friend is doing what is right is far more important than anything we can do,

God Bless.



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