Dealing With Difficulties ‘Failure’


I can assure you from personal experience, the thought of failure can be soul searching, but I believe that a person that has never tried to make anything, because they are unwilling to take risks, experiences the same kind of soul searching.

Following on from our writing on Ecclesiastes, we find the following: Have you rejected business and career opportunities ‘Like the person who observes the wind and will not sow’ or ‘Who regards the clouds and will not reap.’ {Eccl 11 verse 4}, because you have been unwilling to take risks.

We only need to look at scripture, where Jesus was coming near the end of His earthly ministry and was going to be crucified. Those who Jesus had trained and it was assumed take the reins of His new movement, all appeared to fail.

Mathew 26 verse 56: When the moment of truth came, they deserted Him.

Mathew 26 verse 40 and 43: When Jesus asked them to keep watch, they fell asleep.

Mathew 26 verse 69 to 75: When Jesus was on trial, Peter who was close to Jesus, denied Him.

Yet Jesus treatment of His disciples shows that failure is NOT an unforgivable offense. It is in fact a process in which character grows and is molded. Failure is not a process of sorting out, the weak and ineffective

Our Lord and Our Friend doesn’t look for perfect people, but rather faithful people who can experience His Grace and Forgiveness, and go on, and grow.

Our Lord and Our Friend is looking for people that will step out, not worrying about the cost, we may have difficulties and even fail, but He will never leave us or forsake us.

Be willing to be a vessel, no matter what it takes. It is a journey that you will never regret no matter what the circumstances.

God Bless.

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