1 John

Idealism kills hope.

It always looks for a better future, a more perfect day ahead and derides the present. When, in an imperfect world, things often do not work out, the idealist become easily disappointed.


Hope is different. Hope looks for a better future as well, but sees the present as a stepping stone towards the future.. Although it feels the same dissatisfaction with the present as idealism, hope embraces current difficulties and sufferings as the pathway towards God’s purposes and dreams.


Imagine a world without sin. No problem is too great to be solved. No one goes without food. Everyone’s needs are met. People live in peace and prosperity. Justice reigns. there is no crime. Death is unknown.

Down through history, various groups have grasped at this utopian idea. None have succeeded But the dreams live on, and for a good reason, that was God’s original intention for society.


Idealism, the pursuit of what one considers to be ideal. Idealism to one might not be idealism to another, and there will always be competition for someones ideas above others.


Hope, faith and trust comes from believing in The God that created us. Genesis describes what the beginning in Eden was like. Genesis 1verse 1 to 2 verse 25.

The account tells the world that was ‘Very good’ as God determines ‘Good’. Genesis 1 verse 31:

“God saw all the He had made, and it was very Good’.


Hope comes from knowing The God that loves us, and gave Himself for us, and He has plans for us all.

Jeremiah 29 verse 11:”’For I know the plans I have for you’— this is the Lord declaration—’plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope’.”


God’s people live in Hope. They base their lives on the promises that God’s original design and purpose will prevail. Because of Our Lord and Our Friend, we look forward to the day when they will enter a new world to live with Him forever.


God Bless


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