Weekend Inspiration



We are comparing here the God of all wisdom. When times are tough than ever before seeking assurance against adversity Paul comments, ‘When I see the belief that such present troubles will be outweighed by tough people fighting for a better future from which come your greatest blessings. The beliefs of those also who make no decisions during the storms in their lives. By acknowledging that a God attitude, to earn to tighten your belts to face what you can do or let your emotions focus on the Lord and what He is eternally capable of

Prayer to him with a focus on peace will quieten your hurting heart to release your grieving and to experience, our spirit flowing with God’s will and lift your trust in him for yours

The secret for limiting little faith is revealed are shown in the humanity of our lives, by God who is the weaver of our entire tapestry of life. Isaiah 34 Verse 17 reminds us of how our God measures out our portions by faith measure. Our lives are given portions by God in and by faith, they are like the wind wings of distributed faith and we must heed them. HE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU. You are his beloved flock whom he will never let go of in his love without boundaries and his compassion knows no limits. He gives us limitless love and so will it be, just make the choice now!


Be Blessed


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