Weekend Inspiration



SOMETIMES WHILE ASIDE IN SOLITARY SURROUNDINGS and communing with God we get a spiritual insight so clear it is as if he is sitting beside us. That tells me that his spirit is meeting mine.. I feel significant and amazed. Should he reveal a situation with me I feel significant and in awe. It is as if he knows the intricate person he has made me and we share a bond of love. that overcomes my trials, my fears, my lack of faith and my lack of trust .The compassion and forgiveness HE so blesses me and wipes away my tears, my grief and my doubts. HE sets me free to worship, to reconcile and to follow his loving choices in my life.

I wrote this poem with gratitude.

Reflections in Solitude


The wild winter rain slashes window panes,

creating shrieks and crashing cracks against walls

that resist the weather of gray, shattering, sheets of tumultuous stains

in cold, black sky clouds that pierce the onslaught of a storm,

a fury beating and swallowing gales that split the trees

felled by the crescendos of thunder to mourn

as white lightning flashes asunder.

I reflect on the vicious seasons I have survived in endless life storms,

I hear the wind, see the lashing rain, absorb the bruising thunder

while the rage of the outside edges crash, beckon and fall.

I fear the emotion of opening my inner storms and shiver at my cost of living,

of loving, to give others my all, opening my heart to wrap like a shawl

as they left to follow their own paths , so I practiced forgiving. I wept and grieved until silence and solitude gave me my peace

knowing my losses at a price, I did release

the last of my days regrets, will pass free to the living

the loving truths of my heart, to reconcile those of my past forgiving,

until my soul does cease and you my God have set me free

from my past.

Be Blessed


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