Dealing With Difficulties ‘Procrastination’


Procrastinate meaning putting off doing sounds quite innocent, but procrastination is a thief of time.

Have you ever put off doing or completing something important. You wouldn’t be alone. Everyone procrastinates at times, and for most people it doesn’t cause much concern later. But procrastination can cause problems, if if was to become a repetitive cycle, it can ruin one’s career, health, and family.

The main reason for procrastination in the first place is conviction. conviction alerts us to a need for unpleasant change that needs to me made.

Procrastination generally comes through fear.

!. Fear of failure.

2.. Fear of success.

3. The fear of being controlled.

Procrastination is a cycle, which needs to be broken, because it can hamper any calling God may have on our lives. It is a subject we should all be wary of. is there any area in which we feel God is convicting us of. Are we are holding on the something rather than getting it done? What is holding us back, is it fear of failure, fear of success or being controlled?

1 John 4 verse 18 and 19:

V18: “There is No fear i love, instead, perfect loves drives our fear, because fear involves punishment, so the one who has fears has not reach perfection in love”.

V19: “We love because He first loved us”.

Our procrastinations, are best taken to The One who Loves us, because His perfect love for us will drive away any fear that may hinder our endeavors.

Trust God that His way is in our best interest, and make the decision not to procrastinate.

God Bless.


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