Holding Firmly

glow grow and go

Holding Firmly, in The Kingdom of God everything is up side according to the world.

When we read Philippians, the Apostle Paul message is a Greek word ‘Kenosis’, the word means ‘pouring out’ or self empty’

Jesus was the complete man in whom God completely Dwelled. If any man has ever been tempted to be self sufficient, It was Jesus. If any man has ever been tempted to be proud, it was Jesus. If any man has ever been tempted to use his powers for self-interest, it was Jesus. How did He safeguard himself against these temptations?

He poured Himself out, He emptied Himself. He could have conquered all, but instead He became a servant for all.

Why does Paul tell us in Philippians 2 verse 12: To work out our own salvation.

If Salvation is God’s grace to everyone who believes John 3 verse 16;

Like any gift, it is given with love so the precipitant can enjoy. But how can we enjoy it, if we don’t read the instruction book on how the Gift works.

Salvation is a gift, that transform our lives, into Kingdom people. People living in this world as ambassadors for Our Lord, and Our Friend.

Why has He transformed us? Why are His instructions telling us to work out our Salvation? because the Gift He has given us needs to be poured out.

He has ample to give us, so if we don’t pour out the transforming life we are living, we stagnate

Mathew 16 verse 24:

“The Jesus said to His disciples, ‘ If anyone wants to follow Me , they must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Me”.

People don’t want to hear the message from us unless we are living the message of Holding Firm and Pouring out, Out of the transformation, He is performing in our lives.

God Bless


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