Zechariah At A Glance



When life is grey, God adds the colour.

Zechariah is the eleventh of the so-called Minor Prophets. Like Jeremiah and Ezekiel, Zechariah was a priest as well as a prophet. Few books of scripture are hard to understand as Zechariah. many scholars both Christian and Jewish, have spent a lot of time studying Zechariah, only to be forced to come up with the concept they have no idea, what the prophet is going on about. But what is evident, no other book of prophecy has more to say about the Messiah, clearly references that point to Jesus.

Zechariah saw a wounded King, a Shepherd, the one for whom all creation was waiting. There is an excitement that Zechariah displays in what he see in the future.

The people who have returned from exile, need a lift. After a long time in exile {20 years] they were still bankrupt spiritually, politically and there finances were poor. There was not much joy, their temple lay in ruins, so did their crops. Israel this time had been taken over by Persia.

But as we know from our own lives, the good news is that no matter what the circumstances God is in control. So th inspiring message that are filled with excitement, give the people hope that the temple will be rebuilt, and prosperity and peace will return.

Zechariah chapter 1: God groans with His peoples suffering. The groans of God’s oppressed people are heard frequently in the bible, but in {v 12} the emotions are ascribed to an angel. It is wonderful reminder that all heaven identifies with their suffering. Jesus identifies with our suffering also, and we are not alone.

Zechariah chapters 2 to 4; Small things need greater protection. when we are right with God. His protection is absolute. nothing can penetrate his wall of fire { v.5}. God’s ultimate purpose at all times is the renewal of His peoples worship, nothing can stop that. All our lives are journeys and Our Lord and Our Friend is with us all the way, on each of our journeys through life.

Rebuilding of th temple Chapter 4; The rebuilding of the temple is such a big task for the returning exiles, but with God in all things, the day of the small things is not to be despised. Our God’s Spirit is greater then human ingenuity {4 v 6}. Our weakness are always Our Lord and Our friend’s opportunities.

God’s judgement are considered Chapters 5 to 8; God’s judgements are written in advance and are recorded in advance for all to read and perhaps avoid. Once we have received God’s Grace and Mercy through  Salvation, it becomes our responsibility to work with Him, to help others find the same wonderful Salvation. The promise is one day evil will be banished.

You just never know Chapter 9 to 11: sometimes when expected things, the expected things turn out differently from what is expected. There are many promises in the Bible, but we can never be certain how any will be fulfilled. Jesus was not  what the prophets or Zechariah expected. But God is in the unexpected business. The prophets who predicted the coming Messiah, and His Kingdom didn’t know what they were really expecting. Faith looks for God to be at work, as He has promised to be, but God never lets on the wheres and the whens and hows.

Shepherds have a difficult job Chapters 10 to 13; Shepherds represent both political and spiritual leaders. Bad shepherds scatter their flocks, even abuse them for profit. By contrast the Good Shepherd cares. Jesus is referred to as the Good Shepherd and we are all in some way given the chance to reject Him or accept him, but narrow is the way. Our leaders again both political and spiritual need the prayers of those they are given responsibility for.

Zechariah in a Nutshell;

Back to God: 1 verses 1 to 17.

Plumb line: 2 verses 1 to 13.

Ruling branch: 8 verses 9 to 15.

Did you do it for me? 7 verse 1 to 14.

Enemies punished: 8 verse 1 to 23.

Wounded shepherd; 13 verse 7 to 9.

Steams of life. 14 verses 1 to 21.

Key verse Zechariah 4 verse 6: “Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit says the Lord.”

Angels appear to Zechariah in all eight of his visions, reported in chapters 1 to 6. The angels serve as God’s messengers who help the prophet understand what each of the visions mean.

Though Characterize has only 14 chapters, it is the longest of the 12 minor prophets.

Read Zechariah and enjoy this is only “at a Glance”, by reading the whole book, I am sure you will glean many more things from it.

God Bless.

O F J.

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