Accepting Is Empowering


Here’s a truth I’ve only recently been beginning to see. “What we accept, we empower.” That is to say that whatever we let into our life, we give it a slice of our authority.

I liken it to making an agreement with the enemy.

For example: Your alarm goes off you put it to sleep and doze back off again. You wake up in a panic knowing you have overslept. You run around madly trying to get ready, but in your haste you lock your keys into your house. Suddenly you find yourself saying. “Great. It’s just going to be one of those days.”

You know what? You’re exactly right. We have opened a door for the enemy to take what you have just spoken and apply it with the authority you designated to it. You are after all already going to be expecting it!

Or another case, we get a sniffle and immediately reason that we’re getting a cold. We start acting like we have a cold, or planning our lives around it “I better not go out, I have a sniffle.” Before you know it, boom you’re in the throws of fighting off a cold. Because you opened the door to the enemy and he used the authority you designated when you spoke out when you declared you’re getting a cold.

The enemy can only ever attack us with whatever authority we allow him to. The truth is, he has none. Never had, never will. Well not unless we give him some.

There is great power in our words. The bible has so much to say about it, “Like the power of life and death is in the tongue” or “Whatever you should say with your mouth and believe with your mouth, so shall it be given.” And when we line up with the word of God and speak it over our situation and make an agreement with Him, things happen.

But when we speak negative things and apply that with negative faith. Instead of using our authority to activate one of God’s giftings, we are giving the enemy the authority to bring to pass what we have just said.

We need to be aware that what we allow into our lives and our bodies, we are giving power to too. If we allow those sniffles to turn into a cold, you are empowering it to run it’s course. But when you accept a promise of God, you are giving it the power to manifest in your life.

So I encourage you all. Be wary about what you speak and expect. We can live free of sickness, because Jesus has already paid for it, so stand on the word, and agree with him when you get your first signs of illness and see your healing become empowered in your life.

Our your prosperity, or your brokeness, or with any of the promises of God. “Because all of his promises in him are yes, and in him amen.” “His Word will not return unto Him void.”

So start accepting God’s love and life, and see how He empowers you to better live your life for Him, in Him!

The Kid

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