Faith In Action ‘Entirely Committed’


We can always take great lesson from Scripture. In Corinthians for example, The Corinthian Church, it appeared that the Corinthians had absorbed too much of the culture in which they lived, including the views of the philosopher Plato. Plato saw the body as inferior to the soul.

The Corinthian Christians therefore began to think that it did not matter what took place in their bodies, because the body was only a temporary building while the soul was just waiting to escape the perceived body being a temporary prison. The Corinthians came to believe that the procession of spiritual gifts, rather than their day to day behavior in their body, was a sign of true spirituality.

Paul in his teachings  in 1 Corinthians aims  to raise the importance  of the body, in the present and in the future. Paul shows in the future, God will glorify the believers body, { 1 Corinthians 15 v 43}, but in the present, the believers body is to glorify God. Paul conclusion is that we should never see what we do with our bodies as unimportant to Our Lord and Our Friend. Our lives are to bring glory to Him all the time.

Similarly, just as the Corinthians held up, a wrong concept of the body being less than the soul, so we can be guilty of believing that a spiritual relationship with Our Lord and Our friend, can be separated from our living in the world. The reality is that hew we live in the world is vitally important, and should be a reflection of our eternal relationship with Our Lord and Our Friend.

The way we live our Christian lives, must have an impact in all we do. We are not to be Christians on certain days, but the new life we have in Christ, is to be lived out in everything we do. How will people, who don’t know, come to know, unless, we as Christians are living the life, He has called us to.

Read 1 Corinthians afresh:

God Bless.


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