Forgiveness Bring A Freedom


I was watching a debate, where it was said Christianity invented sin, so it could offer absolution. That is as silly as saying society invented crime, so it could catch the criminals.

We all do have a moral compass, which can be traced back to A Loving and Moral God. God displays His high standard for morality, when He paid the price for all our sin {Wrong doings}. Sin, wrong doings whatever we call it. has a consequences of separation. A stealing sin, separates the person who stole from the person that was stolen from, no one likes to be around a person they can’t trust.  A violence sin, separates the perpetrator from the victim, no one like to be around a volatile person. A laziness sin separates the lazy person, from a willing worker, no one like to be around a person who does not pull their weight.

So you see whatever the sin is, there are consequences of separation. God set out his laws, on ways to live, and to break any of them the consequence is separation from God, and we were created to commune with Him. God never created us to be separated from Him, It was a choice to do something God didn’t want to happen, and  the consequence were separation.from direst communion with God.

You can find the story in Genesis chapter 2: God told Adam and Eve  not to eat of the tree of The Knowledge of good and evil, for if they did they would surely die. The relationship with a Moral and Just God was dead. No one could pay the price to restore this relationship, unless it was the person the offense was committed against. The offense was an issue of trust, trust that God didn’t know what was best for them. Failing to trust God had consequences.

Society view would be if someone commits a crime {sin, wrong doing} against the world system, they pay a price as a consequence, Most likely even though you pay this price you will never be forgiven.

Grace has to move from head knowledge to heart knowledge, because  the heart it is more easy to forgive.

Which gets me to my point the world has invaded Christianity, and it’s standards or non standards of forgiveness has caused confusion as to what we should believe about forgiveness.

The Primary Experience and Central Emphasis revolves around Forgiveness. The theme of Christianity is Forgiven. and Reconciliation and Restoration.

Forgiveness whether we give it, because that is what we are required to do, or receive it, even though we do not deserve it, is a cleansing thing. Forgiveness is a wonderful vehicle, which alone has the capacity to achieve peace and reconciliation , in all who partake or practice it.

It may be hard, but we must always be practicing our faith, using our faith, because our Faith is based on forgiveness.

The Lord’s Prayer Mathew 6 verse 9 to 13:tells us to ask Our Lord and Our Friend to forgive us our trespasses {wrong doings] as we forgive others their trespasses {wrong doings} against us.

To accept forgiveness and not to partake in giving forgiveness , can easily bring on unwanted consequences.

Our Lord and Our Friend set the ultimate standard for forgiveness by dying in our place on the cross.  Which is all some up up in:

John 3 verse 16: “For God so loved the world” That while we were still sinners Christ Jesus Our Lord and Our Friend Died for us, ULTIMATE FORGIVENESS.

Be released from the bondage of un-forgiveness, and follow the Ultimate of Our Lord and Our Friend and forgive all those we are holding back on forgiving.

God Bless.

O F J.

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