Insights Into ‘1st Corinthians’


Paul addresses problems in the church and answers question from the church.

The believers in Corinth converted idol worshipers, so they have a lot to learn about the long story God has been writing.So through Paul, God teaches the believers in Corinth to look at the issues they’re wrestling with the power of the gospel.

Idol temples are scattered throughout the city where sacrifices are offered to the resident evil god. The leftovers of the sacrifices are then sold as food. Believers are to make there food choices wisely—there is a get battle in the heavenly going on.

Corinth is a sexually immortal culture– prostitutes are a staple of dark idol worship. God reminds the believers that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Jesus bought their bodies with His own life and He is going to resurrect those same bodies So like us all what the Corinthians do with their bodies matters.

The church has divisions between rich and poor, seen starkly when they eat communion meals together. God reminds them that everyone approaches the communion table on an equal plane—they all need to declare Jesus’ death for themselves and the freedom from sin that He purchased.

Some had a problem with resurrection. but Paul reminds them that this is the central part of the Gospel Message and is essential to salvation. Jesus resurrection declares to the world; “I can reverse the world’s curse!’ It is turning point of all human history.

As we walk closely with God, through His Spirit, He will personaaly show us the richness of the life, He has invited us into.

God Bless


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