Weekend Inspiration




Lord, my life you shaped with your love,

to mold me, not as of the clay that I would have imagined as, but of

every emotion uniquely re-worked-refined—in reality and repentance

from the inspiring hands of your guidance.

Until the reaping of your intent flowed from my heart

to my hands, toward finishing that which you exposed

through the shaping of your presence as I was designed

in an eternal fire to perfect the oil of human completeness,

as a designed clay pot from Heaven’s sacredness forever.

The timing of the events in our lives coincides with the maturing of our soul and how we treat one another. Especially those that settle here from other nations to settle in our country and have had to adjust to changes of culture and to many other lifestyles. I find it a challenge of faith and love to stand alongside, if acceptable to their lifestyle. I myself am very conscious of needs unmet in changing countries as a whole family. That was just moving ‘across the ditch’ but what a difference that was as an experience. The biggest change my sons had to make was to be fanatic about sport. My point is, that through the Bible there are many wandering tribes with multiple varying customs and with the mix of races there was amazing changes of culture, laws and lifestyles but also in morality differences and yet there was one saviour. A saviour with a love so vast that they, and each soul, is his child.

He, the Father of all Father’s, loves us completely, regardless of where we were born or in which country we now reside. Can we offer that clay pot of hospitality?

From Lorraine’s pot of clay.

Be Blessed


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