Weekend Inspiration



Peace may often emerge from fragments that will expand into a certainty of faith and trust.

In your experiences of God contact there may be much personal processing of self and emotions such as fear, temptation, guilt and self-doubt, low self-esteem and a sense of failure. It is possible that we feel inadequate amongst other Christians who seem to not be affected by their trials and are super confident.

Firstly, cease comparing your walk with God with others who seem to have all the answers. You are unique to God and what growth that is in another Christian may not be what God is connecting with your life. He made us each with a different past, the present and the future so once we accept and understand that it will free you to increase your inner peace. No person is exactly the same. God forms us as complete individual personalities with wisdom and his love.

When we recognise that and believe he guides you in every situation you can lean on his strength, be still in prayerful worship, commit to him your soul for healing and rest in his ever present peace.

I am not saying the ways HE leads you to will be a breeze but knowing that the overflowing of peace frees you to trust in HIM, and to commune with him to intervene in your life trials and be able to leave them with your Jesus, will bless with peace such as you have never known before.

Try it, welcome it, pray and practice and be blessed beyond all expectations.

Be Blessed


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