Insights Into ‘Romans’


Paul writes to the church in Roman to present his basic statement of the Gospel. God’s plan of salvation for all people Jews and Gentiles alike.

Caesar was calling himself the son of god, but the true church exists under his nose.

Just like today the true church exists right under the nose of the god of this world, and there is not much that god can do about it too.

The God of all creation though wants the believers in Roman and the believers everywhere, to learn more about the true Son of God. So He prompts Paul through the Spirit to write a letter.

Under Emperor Claudius the Jewish people were forced to leave Rome. Now Emperor Nero is allowing them to come back. This has introduced a tension in the Roman church, which for a few years which for a few years has been made up exclusively of Gentile believers. How are these believers to interact with the Jewish believers? How and where does the law God gave to Moses fit into a relationship with God?

The Apostle Paul answers these questions and others in his letter. He puts both groups on equal footing, we are All sinners. We ALL need Jesus. We All need to believe in Him and in the Power of His death and resurrection so that with Him, we may die to sin and be raised to new life.

Through God’s people Israel God made Salvation possible for everyone. Through Paul, God reminds us that we are all one family, and He wants us to live like it. It is His heart’s desire that we live out the love for one another that He feels so deeply for each of us.

Each of us individually.

God Bless.


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