Portions And Perpectives



It occurs to me that upon ageing and experiencing God’s portions that divide us into changing our perspectives frequently HE is showing us loving wisdom. My every transition into learning, changing attitudes, accepting and practicing God’s songs of wisdom into my soul, I realized how much he imparted his vast knowledge to me and through me into stretching my spirituality. I also am aware that the seasons I pass with HIM extend from emotional pain, loss and rejection to trusting in his will, his truth, to molding us into the refining of our perspectives in his holy outpouring to create us more like him. To each of his disciples and to us, the Lord varies his portions of our seasons, our experiences and the growing of our spirit life. There is no time limit, the years pass too soon and still we may not be ‘there’. Yet subtle changes are occurring such as more compassion, more awareness for others in need, a sharing in sad, broken, suffering, shocking losses, tragedies and death where midnight’s tear the feelings from your hearts and God’s light leaks from your soul. None of us will escape this despair of seasons to endure and yet the Lord has partaken of this suffering personally.

I have lived many years and found that the more heartache I endured brings me to a small core of self- knowledge. Like an apple core rots away and is gone, I begin to feel a tiny candle of calmness from his reassuring, comforting love. A little spark begins to grow that expands my acceptance of faith that has taught me to believe he will again make me strong and that he is beginning, to increase love darts to reinforce my days into leaning more into his flames of nurturing, whispering, encouraging insights where we begin to follow his healing, revealing blessings of love and trusting hearts.

Sometimes there are no answers but the gentle faithfulness of allowing God to nurture you, to center you with trust and lovingly place your life back into that calm core of belonging to HIM, that he alone can fill your every sorrow, every need and of every deed and that you are his beloved child to protect, to fill your perspectives and bless you with his portions of unfailing love. God is every portion and every perspective in your life, the ultimate light that will never go out.

Be his child and trust.


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