Witnessing Tools From Book Of Romans


Witnessing tools  are always helpful. on our site we have a page created to help witnessing the Wonderful Ever Present Lord, Redeemer and Friend we have.  So over the coming few week we will go trough 7 witnessing steps based on the Roman Road. The Romans road, and a great version of the sinners prayer. We genuinely hope that through these tools, you are equipped and make a difference winning souls for the kingdom.

The only way into Heaven is through Jesus Christ. It’s made very clear and certain in the scriptures. Right along with the admission of sins. As a fundamental of Christian life, and the very beginning of your wonderful relationship, we all understand what’s involved with salvation, but how do you witness to those you know and love without being militant about it?

Take a walk with a loved one, down the Romans road. Our First segment will be Step One, and over the coming Fridays we will go through to Step Seven. There are many wonderful ways to witness, and we hope this series is a blessing and help to many.

At it’s simplest the Romans road is group of bible verses found in Romans that explain the path on how to achieve salvation. It’s a great witnessing tool, and as with most walks, is better done with someone else. Lets go through each of the verses, and explore how we can become more effective in witnessing, without being a “Bible Basher.”

Step 1 – Romans 3:23 – ‘For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.’

The first step on traversing the Romans road is one of the most important. It’s all about acknowledging that we all have sinned. Every single one of us, and that there is nothing that normally makes us acceptable to God. Accept of course for the salvation of Jesus Christ [but this is covered in another step]. Sin by it’s very nature is repulsive to God. He hates it. It is a mockery of everything he established at the foundation of the earth, and as such, anything with scent of sin on it can’t be admitted into heaven, the only sin free place in the created universe.

Practical Witnessing Tip – Obviously approaching anyone and telling them out right that they are sinners, and that they’re going to hell isn’t going to help your cause. The person you are witnessing to will close up, turn their back on you, and possible even get aggressive. The best way to approach this is to make it known that you too have sinned, that you still sin, and that you aren’t any greater than them, because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but you have assurance that you have been forgiven and found pleasing in God’s sight. Also probably a good place to point out that God loves them, he just doesn’t love their or your own sin.

Perhaps compassion for others comes from knowing we are ‘All sinner saved by Grace’. and knowing what a difference is in our lives now, we have Christ Jesus, as Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

It is in the Knowing and It is in the Growing, in the plans and purposes he has for our lives. Jeremiah 29 verse 11.

God Bless.


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